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A-la-Carte Subscription Model

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Hello All-

I love this app like most of you do. I use it almost everyday since last 2 years.


Though I use the Evernote-Basic which is quite okay for my needs, I would like to indicate that I'm looking for a a-la-carte style of pricing for Evernote-features (e.g. I only want 'Presentation Mode' to be licensed for say 1 year). It should ideally be a lot cheaper and new business for Evernote too (look at me, I'm not going for Premium because its too expensive in my opinion, but if a-la-carte is introduced, then there will be additional revenue from customers like me to Evernote).


Are there any others who think alike?


Any votes for 'a-la-carte' pricing subscription model for Evernote Premium features??


Evernote Team - Please share your thoughts on this.


Best Regards,


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Definitely not me and  I doubt that Evernote would consider it.

They already have a 4-tier pricing program

  • Free
  • Plus
  • Premium
  • Business

The cost to develop and maintain a pay-for-each-of-the-option/s-you-want plan would be prohibitive.

And whether Evernote would see an increase (or a decrease) in their revenue due to this customized payment plan is highly speculative.

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Thanks @jbenson2 for your reply.


It's pure-play flexibility is what I'm looking for. And, I guess most of us are enjoying this elsewhere (either on cable subscriptions, mobile plans, data plans etc) then why not here? 


Personally, I'm interested in 'turning notes to Presentations' feature only!! Smartly, Evernote has packaged it under their Premium package which turns out to be expensive for me.

Currently, I would end up paying more by opting for Premium for not actually using most of its features that it comes with (e.g. save mails to evernote, passcode lock, scan-digitise business cards, annotate pdf etc).


By a-la-carte, with a single click anyone can opt in certain feature and opt-out when they don't want it; most like a TV channel subscription.



Seriously looking for supporters who fall in the similar thinking lines.. 


Signing off for now..

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As it is, the cost for Premium per month is minimal... Especially if you use it every day. If the presentation mode feature is that useful, why not pay $5 a month just for that... and then throw all the other premium features in for free?

Premium has a couple of peripheral features that many might not want or need... but it does come with some other hefty pluses. How about mentioning those instead of the features you don't care for... Ummmm, say, more than 60MB monthly upload limit?

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Expensive to run from an accounting and technical point of view.


The app is cheap, if you need the features then pay for it, if you don't then don't.


Adding overall expense to help a small group of people pick and choose features is IMHO a particularly bad idea.

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