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Public note sharing bug - can'

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It seems this was simpler in the past, but became convoluted. Are there bugs or am I missing something?


I recently wanted to stop sharing a note that I had shared via the "Copy Share URL" feature.


In the past, I seem to recall a button I could click to stop sharing the public URL. Now, it seems that the UI does not reflect that the note is shared, even though it is. Consequently, there is nothing to "turn off" to stop sharing. The only way to see the note is shared is to do a search on sharedate:* - which brings up the note.


It seems I can stop sharing by doing the following convoluted series of steps:

  1. Click "Modify sharing". Note that nothing indicates the note is already shared.
  2. Click "Enable public link". This creates a new link for publicly sharing.
  3. The note is now publicly shared via two different links - the original one I wanted to eliminate, and the new one I just created.
  4. Click on "Enable public link" again to de-select the checkbox.
  5. Now, neither link works, achieving the initial goal of removing the shared public URL.

Now, I suppose the way around some of this is to stop using the "Copy Share URL" feature. Isn't this a bug though? I shouldn't have to deal with the above if I use that option. Furthermore, I have no choice if I share directly from the Web Clipper. That seems to use the first sharing option, leading to to the problem described above.

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Can't fault the smoke and mirrors approach - I tend to share notebooks when I share,  so haven't noticed the problem.  Generally I'd agree - it should be easier to check which notes/ notebooks are shared,  and to edit/ cancel the share when necessary.  I'll add the magic words "feature request" here in case anyone's doing searches...

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