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Is there a Windows Desktop equivalent to PostEver2 for iOS?

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I move around a lot during the day, between sitting at desk (Windows Desktop), in meetings elsewhere in the building (iPad), or traveling (iPhone and iPad) and I live my life in Evernote.  


Each separate meeting gets a note.  Projects get their own note or notebooks.  But I also create a daily journal or daily log for each day.  If I get briefly interrupted with a question from a colleague, or a phone call, or whatever, I like the ability to quickly jot a line or two, and have it added (with timestamp) to the Daily Log for that day.  


(Often, at the end of the day, I will go back into the Daily Log and add links to the separate Notes associated with meetings that occurred that day.)


When I am away from my desktop, I use PostEver2 on my iOS devices, which works perfectly.  My first "jot" of the day automatically creates that day's Daily Log note in Evernote.  I can add things on the fly, and the Daily Log note in Evernote stays up to date.


It works so well it has me wondering if there is an equivalent way in Evernote on my desktop to do quick and dirty entries that will get added to that day's log?  If I am working in Word or Excel at my desk  and I get a phone call, I now have to get out of that work, open the Evernote screen, search for and find the Daily Log note for today, scroll down to the end of that note, insert a time notation, and start taking the note.  The result is predictable. Too many steps, too disruptive to the work process I have going on at the time the need to jot down a note occurs.   I usually don't make the journal entry.  


My work around is to have my iPad sitting next to my desktop and use it to capture new Daily Log entries.  But I was wondering if there was a better or more direct way.  Evernote is always open on my desktop.  Is there a widget or a standalone program that would allow easy, serial entry of short updates to a single note for the day?  

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Hi.  There was a 'quick note' app called Nimblebox but that doesn't seem to be available any more - there's an error loading the web page.  https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/41514-nimblebox-evernote-quick-note-for-windows/


Personally I doubleclick a log-entry note so it opens in its own window and leave that on one monitor.  Some to-do apps will create a note in Evernote,  so you might use one of those apps to record your comments,  then create a complete new note in one hit.  Would be interested if anyone else has any other suggestions...

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