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Suggestion: Highlighter for Clipped Email



I love the fact that I can clip email from the Gmail-in-browser. I think this capability would be enhanced if I could highlight portions of the email before it is saved, similar to clipping a simplified article from a web page. 



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1 hour ago, JayF said:

Bump.  Do others use webclipper to process gmail in their browser.  Wouldn't the ability to highlight key sections be useful? If so, vote!

I'm not ignoring your post.  
I don't use browser to access my mail - I use the Apple email client to present a unified inbox.
I didn't even realize clipper switches to an email display for Gmail

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We're even. I did not realize that you could send email messages from the Apple email client to EN w/o having to remember the exact names for destination notebook and tag names.  I'll have to explore. 


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