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Organizing Reminders

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Hi All,


I really enjoy Evernote.. Can't live without it now!

One thing I can't figure out is organizing Reminders.


So, what I currently do is default to a Notebook I call "Opportunities" and use the Reminders to remind me action items I need to take.


However, I have other notebooks I use less frequently that have reminders on them.  Unless I remember to check that notebook, I usually miss the reminder and therefore render it useless to put reminders in Notes in other Notebooks.


Like there is a "Shortcuts" tab, I wish there was a "Reminders" tab to organize all the reminders.  

Anyone feel the need for this?

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Hi.  It's possible to get reminders sent to you by email (one mail per day) and if you look at the 'All Notes' view you should be able to see all your reminders regardless of notebook.  What OS do you use on what device?

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What client are you on? If you go to all notes (or a stack of notebooks... Whatever context you're in, you should be able to isolate notes with reminders. On Windows, for instance, you can expand the Reminders section at the top of the note list. Those reminders can be reordered manually and can even be dragged across notebooks.

Although you can't drag between notebooks on iOS and Android, each platform has a Reminders section where you can get a bird's-eye view of reminders in whatever context you're in.

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