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Evernote + Outlook and Evernote Backup on Computer

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Hello together,


for the first, sorry for my bad english, I will try to explain my two problems with Evernote.


The first problem what I have is:


How I can send PDF via Outlook with Evernote? I don't want to use the integrate email system from Evernote because I cant make signatures.

How I can attach a file from Evernote to Outlook. For example: I write a email to our customer and need one PDF from my Evernote, how I can attach this file?

Drag and drop don't work.


My secound problem is:


Why do Evernote save files on my computer? For example, I have many private Excel work sheets in my Evernote, an when I open it on a other computer, Evernote

makes a backup file on this (Temp files). How I can disable this backup?


with best regards



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Hi.  You don't say what device you're using - can you Copy and Paste files into your emails?  If not,  try dragging the file to your desktop,  then drag and drop again from the desktop to your email.


Regarding the temp files - Excel makes temp files so that it can make regular saves of all changes you're making to the spreadsheet to allow you to 'step back' to an earlier version if you wish to;  the changed final version will (or should,  at least) save back into the Evernote note.  Please check to make sure that this is the case.


If so,  you don't have to worry - Excel will close all the temporary files when you finish working.  If it does not do so,  you should be able to search for and delete any files on any computer you're using.

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I too have the same issue, for example I am trying to copy excel file from outlook email and when pasted via copy/paste or drag-drop evernote creates an image (png) instead of actual file. I have to save file locally then attach via evernote. Not having ability to drag-n-drop is very cumbersome.


My setup is Win 8.1 and Win 10 with Evernote Premium.

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Hi.  The Excel file attached to an email is encoded as part of that email,  so Evernote doesn't know how to deal with it directly from there.  Drag it to your desktop,  then to Evernote,  or simply forward the email to your Evernote email address.

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This does NOT work!  I'm on Windows 7 PC.  Drag a PDF file into the Evernote program, it gets added as a note and everything is great.  If I need to email that file using Outlook 2010 I don't know how.  Drag the file from the Evernote Program to the open email it gets added as "myfile.pdf.enex" the same if I drag the file to the desktop.  If I rename the file and remove the ".enex" then Adobe doesn't recognize it or says it has been damaged.  The file is fine.

In short I don't have a way to email a customer my PDF unless I send him a link to my Evernote account - not acceptable!  It's just not.  If I tell a customer I'll email him a file I want to email him a file, not a link to a file.

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I forgot to add:

I know I can send it by using the right click on the note->share->send a copy

However, I don't have access to my contacts in Outlook, it doesn't get sent from my business email - the from is "no-reply@evernote.com" which is again a problem these days with people not opening email attachments from unrecognized sources.

There has to be a way to pull a file out of Evernote so it can be attached to email....

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Hi.  Don't know where you're dragging from within the note,  but attachments should save with their original file name if dragged to the desktop.  My PDF's (and JPGs/ Docs etc) all do that,  and as far as I can remember,  have always done that.  I did pass through Win7 on my way to 8 and 10 and don't remember anything changing.

If the method doesn't work for you,  try right-clicking the file title in the List window and choose Save Attachments to direct any and all files to any location on your computer.

If you are stuck with using Evernote's share by email feature - send the file to yourself first,  and manually,  or by Outlook Rule,  arrange to have that email forwarded to one or more recipients using your Outlook address book and/ or mailing lists.

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I think I see where you're going with this.  So in the Evernote program, when I click on a note (in the left hand column where all the notes in the selected notebook are displayed) that is a PDF file only, the PDF is displayed as text (or whatever it is) - so I can go straight in to reading it.  I was dragging the actual note out of Evernote (or a copy of it), hence the ".enex" extension (I think).

What does work is at the top of the PDF file where it gives you a series of options such as "Evernote PDF reader", "Annotate PDF" or arrows to navigate to next/previous page there is final icon of three horizontal lines specifically for the option of moving the actual file.  It says "click and move to drag this PDF", and there you have it.  Using that it works just as you said.  You can easily drag it straight to outlook, desktop, wherever.

Perfect, thanks for the help - "  Don't know where you're dragging from within the note " that line jostled the old gray matter enough 

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