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  1. I think I see where you're going with this. So in the Evernote program, when I click on a note (in the left hand column where all the notes in the selected notebook are displayed) that is a PDF file only, the PDF is displayed as text (or whatever it is) - so I can go straight in to reading it. I was dragging the actual note out of Evernote (or a copy of it), hence the ".enex" extension (I think). What does work is at the top of the PDF file where it gives you a series of options such as "Evernote PDF reader", "Annotate PDF" or arrows to navigate to next/previous page there is final icon
  2. I forgot to add: I know I can send it by using the right click on the note->share->send a copy However, I don't have access to my contacts in Outlook, it doesn't get sent from my business email - the from is "no-reply@evernote.com" which is again a problem these days with people not opening email attachments from unrecognized sources. There has to be a way to pull a file out of Evernote so it can be attached to email....
  3. This does NOT work! I'm on Windows 7 PC. Drag a PDF file into the Evernote program, it gets added as a note and everything is great. If I need to email that file using Outlook 2010 I don't know how. Drag the file from the Evernote Program to the open email it gets added as "myfile.pdf.enex" the same if I drag the file to the desktop. If I rename the file and remove the ".enex" then Adobe doesn't recognize it or says it has been damaged. The file is fine. In short I don't have a way to email a customer my PDF unless I send him a link to my Evernote account - not acceptable! It's jus
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