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PDF (or part of PDF) to EN

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In this case I have received an email (into Outlook) that has 4 PDF attachments.  I want to send one of those attached PDFs to EN, or preferably just a few pages or even selected text of the PDF.  Can I get some guidance please?





there are - as always - many ways to skin a cat.


- There is a special Outlook-Evernote-Button/Add-On. However, I am not familiar with that.

- You can foreward the E-Mail (with the PDF you want to store as only attachment) to your Evernote E-Mail Address (you can get the address by opening the Web client at evernote.com and looking into your account settings)

- You can save the attachment and import it into a new note

- You can open the PDF, select the text you want to save, copy it and paste it into a new note.

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Forward and delete three of the attachments from the email, or start a new email and drag the PDF to it.


Gotta open the PDF and copy if you just want to send selected text from it.

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