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  1. I'm so glad if you think you got carried away. It shows both your passion for the subject and the results of experience. Fujitsu make the recommended Snapscan. it is so expensive. Obviously it does the job superbly, in addition to which I thought I needed a new AIO printer, which could do the job and cost a third of the Snapscan or even less. But then again, if I need to do any colour printing I could save to a thumb drive and have it printed inexpensively.
  2. Ok, that's interesting. The scanners I am looking at come with proprietary OCR software. So if using that, scanning to EN is more than a one step process, and that's OK if the outcome is better functionality (and smaller?). And I am a Premium member. If you want to save emails to EN you virtually have to be. Are you saying, please, that a file scanned for OCR before upload to EN is smaller, that it is just text rather than a series of images? What if the PDF includes pictures or diagrams? And does EN then also OCR the text that has been OCRd at source, a double OCR?
  3. Does the scanner have to provide OCR? Obviously I have not used this in EN yet but I thought that EN applied its own OCR in searching PDF notes. This is important as I need to know just what specs are needed in the scanner I choose.
  4. Can any multi function printers perform a completely adequate job of scanning to EN? Can such scans benefit from all of EN's features, especially OCR, or is a dedicated scanner absolutely necessary? For example, I am currently looking to replace my old MFP with an Epson WF-3620. http://www.epson.com.au/products/multifunctional/WorkForce_WF-3620.asp(Australian site). Bill
  5. In this case I have received an email (into Outlook) that has 4 PDF attachments. I want to send one of those attached PDFs to EN, or preferably just a few pages or even selected text of the PDF. Can I get some guidance please? Bill
  6. Much as I would like an Evernote Snapscan, I don't have deskspace for an additional device AND I need a new inkjet printer. My Brother machine is old and the feeder no longer works. Can I get feedback and advice please on finding an all-in-one printer that hopefully scans well enough for OCRdouble sided scanningmulti page PDFsdocument feederwill scan straight through to Evernote as seamlessly as possibleAre there further attributes I have forgotten to include? Thanks, Bill
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