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Adds on log in

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I presently have the free version of evernote.

Everytime I log in using my android I get adds asking me to either  upgrade, or, do something else .


My question is if I purchase premium will I still have these annoying adds.


Can I just log into my account straight

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If you're using free software you expect to get nagged somewhat to pay for it,  but that shouldn't prevent you using the app.  If that's the case,  then there's something wrong and you should probably at least reinstall the android version. 


If you are able to use it,  don't upgrade 'just' to get rid of the adverts.  Evernote is never shy of reminding you that there are other products higher up the ladder,  though the frequency is less if you're a paying customer.  If you find the product useful and want to support its development or just get access to the wider features (including email support),  then payment is very worthwhile.


You will still get reminders though,  and some paying users think the frequency is too high.

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Thanks for letting us know. 


The Evernote Business offer shouldn't be showing up continually. We are looking into this one.


You may also see educational tips that we surface to explain certain features. These can be turned off in the app settings.


To turn them off tap on Settings > Tutorials > Turn off educational tips

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