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Match UI across platforms



I'm wondering the opinion of other users.  I use Evernote extensively.  Because of my work I switch platforms all day (IOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Web for Linux).  My question is, will there ever be an effort to make the UI match at least between the desktop versions and the Web UI?  One UI for the various mobile platforms would be good as well.  I find it frustrating that I am having to change navigation when I switch back and forth between Web and the Client.  I get that a mobile version has to be different by virtue of the screen real estate and functionality, but the desktop experience is frustrating.  Anyone else agree?  Any Evernote employees monitor these boards and have feedback?

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Hi.  Evernote developers do monitor the forums,  but rarely respond on individual queries.  We've had the discussion many times before - not only different screen sizes,  but different OS's (and screen definitions) deal with things in vastly different ways.  There does seem to be some light in the tunnel however,  though it might just be an oncoming train...  https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/88637-the-evernote-editor/

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