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Request: Selective synchronising of notebooks.

Karolis M


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Hi.  The simple option would be to have a second account for your 'secondary' Macs and share notebooks from the primary account from one device to the secondary account with full read/ write/ invite permissions.  You'll have full access to the primary account on one machine and you can choose which notebooks to view or copy on the others.

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I would also LOVE to see this implemented -- the ability to selectively synchronize some but not all notebooks in the Mac app would be hugely helpful.


The "second account, shared notebook" workaround has limitations that make it a poor substitute (as well as clumsey). 


This seems so basic and obvious (we've aways had it on the mobile app, why not the Mac OS X?) I'm amazed it's not possible, particularly with the moves to SSD drives reducing local storage capacity.


Can we get the simple basics like this taken care of before less useful but more complex things like "work chat"?



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Agreed that it would be good to have this option,  and notebook shares are at best a workaround - but at the moment that's the only alternative.  And the reason that 'selective sync' is available on mobiles only is that given their very limited storage it made sense not to store the whole database locally. 


Most users will have a desktop with a full copy database for offline searching and as a backup for their note content - although separate backups are always recommended. 


Offline searchable notebooks on mobile devices was a later option,  not a design choice.  Hopefully the development teams will bring in selective syncing for modern devices with SSD's or limited storage,  but it's not a 'simple basic' when it has to be available on all the devices in all the OS's that Evernote supports. 


Since they don't (usually) trail developments,  it could be coming soon - or maybe they're hanging on to some juicy upgrades for when they need to fight off competition.

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