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  1. +1 for anchoring links within the same note. This would be HUGELY, HUGELY helpful. I'm amazed at this point this obvious feature does not exist. Why waste time and resources on complex secondary features like "work chat" when the basics like this and selective local sync on computers are not covered?
  2. I would also LOVE to see this implemented -- the ability to selectively synchronize some but not all notebooks in the Mac app would be hugely helpful. The "second account, shared notebook" workaround has limitations that make it a poor substitute (as well as clumsey). This seems so basic and obvious (we've aways had it on the mobile app, why not the Mac OS X?) I'm amazed it's not possible, particularly with the moves to SSD drives reducing local storage capacity. Can we get the simple basics like this taken care of before less useful but more complex things like "work chat"? Thanks!
  3. I like it aesthetically, and like how I can totally focus on writing in the full browser screen. But we really do need: Fix the bug of loosing the curser and bottom row or two a note you are working on. Share via EmailNight mode (ability to reverse to white text on black background for reading in di lighting) Easy ability to do private linking to other notes in our account Quick Public Posting option A master overview option where extensive customizable info is displayed and routine actions can be triggered by one click.Integrate with SlackThanks!
  4. Have tried this and it's not as effective as it seems it would be. 1. You cannot add tags from the second account. 2. You cant move posts to folders that are not shared (and therefore downloaded on the computer). 3. You cannot search for or retrieve (in the cloud) posts in the unshared folders. So you have limited functionality and access when sharing notebooks with a second account. Seems so much better just to give the computer software the same selective synching option as the mobile apps.
  5. How is it possible that this super basic capability is not available in Evernote yet? This is so much more important than work chat -- and so much easier to implement. It's already available on the mobile apps. We need it on Computers too. Please Evernote, this is essential functionality.
  6. Thanks Phils, but it's actually the opposite that is of more value to me: I want to have cloud-only folders that do not store the contents on the computer -- the contents of these notebooks are ONLY stored in the cloud. My Macbook Air has such little storage capacity, and I use Evernote to store so much that it's impossible to sync all my notebooks locally on this computer. But the Evernote desktop software is so superior to the web-based version. There does not seem to be a solution.
  7. There's been a lot of discussion and many requests in the past about being able to selectively sync some notebooks (but not others) on the desktop version of Evernote. Has this feature been implemented yet? If not, is there any indication of when? (even a ballpark estimate?) With computer storage space shrinking and the greater need for cloud-only accessibility for some files, seems this feature is overdue. Thanks!
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