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[bug] Note editor font option inconsistency


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Not sure about the impact of the 125%, could always change it to 150% and see what happens. 


Other than that, if you have Tahoma 10 in options you should be getting Tahoma 10 when you create a new note.  So don't know what's going on there.

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Has there been a resolution to this problem?


I just noticed today that when I create a new note the default font/size is Tahoma 13, but when I copy/paste text into that same note, I am not able to size it to 13 because it's not an option in the dropdown: 12 and 14 are available but not 13. So all pasted text is the wrong size. This is a new problem, as I copy/paste text into notes all the time and have not had this issue in the past.


My monitors are set to default scaling.





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