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Simultaneous Note Editing

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We use Evernote Premium as a team at work. We have lots of meetings and love using it to enter our topics and minutes. We need to be able to work on and edit those notes simultaneously during our meetings. Obviously that does not work in Evernote without coming up with conflicting changes. We were using Live Minutes, but now that no longer automatically syncs with Evernote. Is there another app we could be using or is there any future plan to make simultanteous editing a part of Evernote?


Thank you so much for your help! :)

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As far as future plans for simultaneous editing in Evernote, we've gotten no indication, clear or fuzzy as to a possible implementation.


Off the top of my head, there's an online app called Gingko. It's a tree-based word processor. You can share trees (sort of like boards) and see who's online using a specific tree at any given time. Gingko works with a system of cards. Although you cannot have 2 people simultaneously editing a single card (it locks you out if someone is editing - which you can see in real time), cards are relative... you can create a new sibling card under a parent card. 


With Gingko you can pull in inline images, link to files elsewhere, etc. The great thing about Gingko is that you can spread your work out as you need. It's a tree-based word processor. Very powerful, very reliable... and although there are many features under the hood, getting the hang of it for taking minutes is a cinch. You can drag and drop your cards within a column or anywhere in your tree. 


Gingko works on a "freemium" model. You have access to all the features... only a limited amount of cards per month for free users. A couple of hundred - I can't remember. More than enough to tinker with. 


No offline app... and best suited to desktop/ laptop.


P.S. Gingko is likely to roll out an offline app before Evernote gets around to simultaneous editing. 

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This is a bummer that you can't edit notes simultaneusly. Now that even Dropbox is releasing Paper for streamlined simultaneous collaboration.


Aren't Evernote supposed to be a collaboration tool? Of course I can use Google Drive, but I don't want to - would love to use Evernote but it's not possible.

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23 hours ago, scottd22 said:

Is there a version of Evernote where multiple people can simultaneously edit notes?

Sounds like a recipe for total confusion,.  but in Evernote's case - not gonna happen.  When one person is editing a shared note,  that note (should be) is locked to other users - they can view but not edit.  Lots of other apps offer the feature though.

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