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Evernote/Windows 10 focus issue

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Hi there, just submitted a ticket to Evernote, and wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same post Windows 10 update and has discovered a better workaround. Here's the issue:


Since I upgraded to Windows 10 I've noticed a catastrophic degredation in performance in Windows when Evernote starts up simultaneously with the computer or if Evernote is running when I lock the screen (or the laptop goes into sleep mode) and I subsequently unlock/wake it up.
In these circumstances the computer loses focus and jumps out of the activity I'm doing momentarily every few seconds, making it almost impossible to type (keystrokes are missed) or select things from menus (the focus leaves the menu before I can select the item). This loss of focus is evident in all Windows activities, not just Evernote, but only if Evernote is running.
The only solution I have discovered so far is to close Evernote and open it again.
This is not a good solution because I have a large database, which I assume is the reason Evernote takes a long time to start up.
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I have not seen the jumping out of activity issue.  I have noticed Win10 seems to be doing more than Win7 does at startup, perhaps looking for its own updates.  EN for sure does some DB work in my opinion when started, Win 10 or Win 7 (if my disk activity light is any indicator). 


Perhaps wait a minute before firing up EN after a boot up?  Not the optimal solution, but may save time with the current circumstances.  You might try a support ticket as well.

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