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Multiple Tag Search on iOS Evernote



It seems that Evernote on iOS is not capable (anymore) of doing a multiple tag search without saving search patterns and using them.

I cannot see any reason for this design decision since the power of the desktop Evernote Software derives from THAT very good multiple tag

selection - thus allowing to search deep and exactly into a database. This is one of the major features which made me get the Premium account so that I can build a huge database but ever finding things I search for. This is why I started to fill in a lot of tags to make searches even better for me. The whole problem with not having the possibility to do multiple tag searches on my handheld gets worse when having more database notes and entries. finding something on my iPhone is annoying up to the point that it makes using the app absolutely worthless.




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I agree, EN iOS needs to support multiple tag search.

They should show a box at the top of the screen, and each tap on a tag adds to the list of tags to be used in the search.

A "X" at the end of the box would be provided to clear the list.

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I am suggesting that we consolidate this request to get the votes up… I am suggesting mine because it already has a number of votes replies… The post is here, https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/88379-feature-request-improved-tag-functionality-for-ios/

This request keeps popping up but I believe it is getting ignored because it doesn’t get a critical mass of attention at any one moment, I’d like to see if we can get everyone on board to bring this up the list and to Evernote’s attention.

Thank you!

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