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  1. I come to think that we use different versions then. That is not possible on my device (ios 9.2 on iPhone 5s). So is this an iOS10.x feature?
  2. Not sure if I am blind, but... where is that "new feature" located? I still can't seem to search for multiple tags when inside a notebook on iPhone Evernote. And that was the problem at hand all the time. Still does not work - or at least I don't find the option to search for tags - and I tried to recreate the display you posted above. btw.: it seems they had changed the tag search on desktop recently. Before: If you entered some letters you would see the matching suggestions. Now: if you enter a letter you don't see anything - you need to know the whole wording of the tag. WTF? Evernote has b
  3. I totally agree - Evernote on iOS needs multiple tag search the easy way - like it was some time before. Otherwise the App is utterly useless if you use a large database with notes tagged for easy search
  4. It seems that Evernote on iOS is not capable (anymore) of doing a multiple tag search without saving search patterns and using them. I cannot see any reason for this design decision since the power of the desktop Evernote Software derives from THAT very good multiple tag selection - thus allowing to search deep and exactly into a database. This is one of the major features which made me get the Premium account so that I can build a huge database but ever finding things I search for. This is why I started to fill in a lot of tags to make searches even better for me. The whole problem with not h
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