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PDF Editing Workflow

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Hello everyone,


i may have a problem understanding the proper workflow when editing a pdf document that is already stored in evernote.


Let's say i have a document that needs to be rotating one or more pages (btw it's a shame that evernote does not support this out of the box).


So i right-click on the document and say "Open with Foxit PDF Reader" on my Windows workstation. This will open the file and i can make my adjustments.


The tricky part for me is now how to get the edited version back into evernote replacing the previous document. Is it really neccessary to save the edited file locally and import it back into evernote after deleting the previous version manually?


Thanks for your support.

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Can you confirm that your edited and saved document does not in fact save to your Evernote systems files? i.e. Have your confirmed that your PDF document is not updated automatically in Evernote?

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currently i am using foxit pdf reader which features saving modified pdf files and is free for private use. i also have foxit phantom pdf installed but am not able to tell evernote to open pdf files with this particular application. it insists on opening them with foxit reader.


however, i am able to open a "save as" dialog which would let me save the file with a new name and location. but this is not what i am after.

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is there a way to set the default pdf viewer / editor for evernote on windows? i chose foxit pdf viewer because there was a preset entry in the context menu to open pdf attachments with this particular software.

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well, sorry for that, i did absolutely not see this option ...


however, i've tried Foxit PhantomPDF and Adobe Reader also but none of these would let me save the edited file directly over the source file. i wonder why this is such an issue here. although it makes some sense as the original file is used by evernote for viewing and access for another application might just be granted for a copy that is only available in memory but not on hard drive. makes this some sense? does it work on other platforms?


edit: ok, i got one step closer although it doesn't solve my problem. it looks as if rotating a page is nothing that appears as a change to the applications i am using to do the job. but when i delete a page from the document the "save" command turns active and it will save the file back to evernote as supposed to. BUT the page rotation is ignored even in the re-saved version :-(. pdf treatment seems to be a very strange thing.


edit2: got it, finally. there seems to be a difference between a command that just affects the view (and seems to turn all pages at once) and another one that mus be implemented as a feature and does not seem to be available in every applications that allows you to turn only selected pages in a multi page document. i found the latter command in the application i am using and was now able to save the document with correct page orientation.


thanks for everyone's support again!

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