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i have tried to search and look here and there but the results are none, so maybe i will ask it here..

i have Wiko Rainbow smartphone with Android Kitkat in it, and when i downloaded evernote,it looks like it is fine and stuff, when i open evernote it looks fine too, but when i opened the notes, evernote always either kicked back to homescreen, or there is a report said "unfortunately evernote has stopped" and back to homescreen.


has anyone has this problems, specifically on Android Kitkat?

i use evernote really often and i always take a notes there, and this is kind of annoying knowing this problems is on my phone, and occurred again and again.


every help is appreciatable, thanks!

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Hi.  Have you tried uninstalling and restarting the phone / reinstalling the app?  On mobile devices it's reasonably common for reinstalling to solve any problems.  AFAIK Kitkat isn't an issue.  though occasionally OEM tweaks do cause glitches in the app.  It's possible to feedback problems directly from the phone,  so if you're still having difficulty,  check Settings / Support (if you can get there...).

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Hello @hamzehpourlaw,

Thank you for posting. I would recommend trying to reinstall the Evernote application like @gazumped stated.

1. Open the Play Store
2. Search for Evernote, choose it, then tap **Uninstall**
3. Restart your Android device
4. Download Evernote from the Play Store

Hope this helps and definitely let us know if the problem persists.

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