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Document, Postit and Business Card scaning loses focus

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I use document scanner i Evernote Android App on my Samsung Galaxy S3 to scan receipts almost every day. About month ago or so - scanner started behave differently. Now it loses focus in camera almost every time and scans are very blurry. I tested document, postit and business card scanning - all they get blurry images. Only normal camera mode (also in Evernote) works fine.

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Hi.  I also use an S3 with no problems of which I'm aware. When having issues with a mobile client,  it's usually a good idea to completely uninstall and reinstall the app. If that doesn't help,  try tapping the screen to focus the camera before taking the picture.  There's also an option in Settings to use,  or not use the Device Camera - try changing that around...

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A year a go I have this problems.


Or did Evernote just illustrate my reaction to my income - tax?



After that I bought a small black table to use for all Evernote scanning (including invoice, letter and all other) is a black Svartåsen from Ikea

And after Evernote updated one or two times the problem was gone.
I still use the table
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I managed to resolve this issue. There was probably no problem with Evernote app, but I'll describe what was the problem.


I had custom Android ROM (OmniROM) and there is build in camera app. It work quite well. I had only problem while using it with Evernote, but I found that many people have the problem with camera focus itself. I installed this updated camera app and whiped all cache (as is said in instalation notes of this app). Now everything works great in Evernote too.



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