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Android camera - cutting off top of pic?

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I have a Samsung Note 4 phone running android 4.4.4 and the latest Evernote for android app.  When I try to take a picture through the EN app, I line it up carefully within the screen, only to find the top 1/3 of it cut off when I then view the result immediately afterwards.  However, after taking several shots and syncing them, I find the one that ends up in EN is actually correct after all.  But, I can't tell that until I exit the camera part and check, so I've been retaking multiple shots trying to get the info I need.  Also, I don't see a way to immediately discard a photo if it's not good, without it creating the note.


Additionally, is there a way to turn off flash from within the EN camera app or do I have to have set it prior, using my phone camera settings?


eta - one more thing - when should I be using the Document camera button vs the regular camera button?  Most of my pics are of things like packages of items I want to remember the name/number to get again -ie, today it was the new spark plug for the lawnmower.  So it's a photo with text

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Hi.  If you want some reassurance about your pictures,  you should be able to take a photo and then add it to Evernote from your camera roll - provided this is not a post-it,  business card or ducment to be scanned.  Pictures through the app work fine with my Samsung phone however - not sure why the Note 4 would be substantially different.  I'd suggest using the feedback option from the app to see whether the hardware might be an issue.  No immediate come-back or fix necessarily available,  but the android app does get updated fairly frequently.


Edit:  ...and the flash setting is available on my Galaxy S3 under the usual gear cog icon.

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@catsknit, after you take a picture you can tap on the thumbnail in the top right hand corner to view the image. In that view you have the option to delete or save the image. 


Since we have OCR capabilities for pictures taken with the normal camera I would continue to use that mode when taking pictures of non-documents. You should use the document camera for items with bounds that are on a contrasting surface. Hope that helps!

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