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Auto updating link?

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I create a "Work in progress" note per job I work on

This contains certain items

client's name, address, details of the job etc.

most importantly "what I am waiting on"

this could be " get design brief", "cad drawings", "client approval of quote" etc.

This changes as the job progresses at least daily if not more frequently


I would love to be able to have this on my contents page so I can see what I'm waiting on at a glance and if required click the link to go to that job's Work in progress note 

I can create a table of contents easily so I have a list of all my jobs in one place but what I cannot do is add to this the "What I'm waiting on" for each job.


I've tried copying and pasting but that won't auto update.

I thought I could create a hyperlink to that text but that defeated me.


Is what I'm trying to achieve possible?



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Possible but I don't believe possible with your current set up.  A possible method with Windows desktop could be:

  1. If you use tags, you could create note for each waiting on item and tag it with !Waiting and perhaps the job name. 
  2. Then put the !Waiting tag in the shortcuts bar for a quick search to display all of those notes.
  3. Then, a Shift-click on the job name tag in the note will return all notes for that project, including you WIP note.  (alternative could be to add a note link to the waiting note)
  4. Also, if you use reminders, you can date the individual waiting notes.  When you get the item, you can delete the tag from the note.  

The above is a bit cryptic but I hope it gives you some ideas that can work for you.

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You could use checkboxes for items you are waiting on. The search todo:false will turn up any notes with unchecked boxes. You can narrow your search by tags or notebooks to limit your results to the specific notes you are considering. 


I teach several classes and use tags to organize notes relating to each class. I create a separate note for each of the many of the tasks I am working on which I update with notes and links to resources. I can copy the note links for all my tasks relating to a specific class and copy them into one master note. Each task note has a checkbox so I can quickly search for notes tagged "English 12" which are incomplete.

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