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Web Clipper problem

Carlos Meira

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I´m using Windows 8 and Outlook 2010. Each time I try to use the Web Clipper in Outlook I get an error message "No ha sido posible cargar esta conversación", the translation is "It is not possible to upload this conversation". Does anyone jnows how to solve it?post-263036-0-21649400-1436457545_thumb.


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OK - subject to correction by the Evernote guys,  my suggested process would be...


Close Outlook and any other windows you may have open,  except Evernote.


As a precaution,  backup your existing database - Tools > Options > General for the location of the folder,  then File > Exit Evernote and copy/ zip the databases folder to somewhere else just in case.  The backup shouldn't be required,  but it's a good idea to keep doing this on a regular basis.


Uninstall Evernote.


Grab a previous version - there's a link to an earlier install file here:  https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/85667-new-evernote-for-windows-589-beta/

 - or if you have a favourite version see http://filehippo.com/download_evernote/history for possible choices.  Reinstall.


Check what's working...


You should be back to a working Outlook clipper.

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