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Private notebooks

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I'm sure this is very easy but I'm not familiar with Evernote and have been unable to find the answer with a search.

I have Evernote on a PC, iPhone, and Android.  Use the PC Evernote only to store data.

All Notebooks created on either phone (iPhone/android) appear on the other phone.  Some of the Notebooks created on my wife's phone (iPhone) are work-related and are unwanted on my phone.

How do we create Notebooks that appear on only one phone?

I've tried searching 'private' and found nothing.

Sharing (if I read it correctly) seems to be a one-time event.

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Are you and your wife using the same account?  Notebooks exist by account.  Only synched notebooks will appear on a phone. 


In any case, your wife can create her own account and put her work related notebooks there.  You can then share the notebooks from the existing account with her.  So you would have existing notebooks from your original account on your phone phone, and she would have her account and shared notebooks from the original account on her phone.  Sharing is not a one time event.  You can adjust the rights of the shared notebooks if you l like.

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You have to sign in to the account on the phone. So I would think an instance on your phone with your sign on and an instance on your wife's with hers.

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Bummer!!!  Currently, I just touch Evernote and it opens.  I have no interest in having to login each time.  Maybe Evernote for the sahred notebooks and another app for the private ones.


Once you sign in to the Evernote app with an account, you will stay signed in until you choose to change it.

Subsequent launches of the app will use the previous sign in account.


Here an approach that a lot of people use:

  1. You and your wife (partner) create separate EN accounts.
  2. You each log in to Evernote with your own account
  3. You will NOT see each others sync'd notebooks
  4. One of you create a NB to be shared, and share it with the other.

    (I'd suggest the person likely to be most active in this NB to be the owner/creator)

  5. The other joins this Notebook.

So each of you see only your own Notebooks, and the shared Notebook(s).

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Now THAT is outstanding!

What's the most painless way to move Notebooks to a new account and remove them from an existing account?


Are you sure you need to do that?


You could:

  1. Make the existing account yours, and change the password so no one else can log in to it.
  2. Your wife could create a new account.
  3. You could create a new NB, or use one of the existing NBs, and make it be the shared NB (with your wife).
  4. If there are NBs in your account that should only be in your wife's account, share them with her.
    1. She can then create a new NB in her account, and copy the Notes from this shared NB to her (private) Notebook.
    2. After she is finished copying, you could then delete these NB in your account since they are supposed to be hers.

EDIT:  Mon, Jun 29, 2015 at 2:52 PM CDT -- ADD above in blue.

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I guess I need to use more words....  :(    But really ;)


Maybe.  But more important is using words that the inexperienced person can understand.  It's hard to do.  There is so much terminology that many of us are used to, and take for granted, that it is easy to forget that to some we are speaking a foreign language.   ;)

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