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  1. Same problem. I now have 4 copies of one folder, 3 of two others.
  2. Thanks. PDF view? I don't see a down arrow on the note screen. My goal is to have the EN document show in the email as an attachment. Sounds like I'm stuck with Save As and add attachment the old fashioned way. No way to save an attachment in EN
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. I can find how to share a note. I can't find how to share just one document within a note. Couldn't find the answer in HELP.
  4. I have a LOT of documents imported into EN (W10). If I need to send a copy of one of these via email, I copy/paste and teh document shows up in the text box. How do I attach an EN document to an email?
  5. You are right. My wife's phone was listed twice. Thanks.
  6. I don't know the lingo. Sorry. I have an EN account with my Android phone as the main account. My wife has EN on her Iphone x. Both have worked well. In the last few days, on opening EN on here iPhone X, she gets the screen shown in the attachment. To be accurate, on selecting EN, she gets the standard EN list of folders for 2-3 seconds, followed by the attached screen. How do we get EN to display a typical EN screen?
  7. Thanks. If that works, it's outstanding. And thanks to CalS on the Inbox tip
  8. Ah Ha. I suppose this means create an "Inbox" folder and make it the default. I didn't know if I could create a default Inbox or had to go through a lot of technical stuff. If my presumption is wrong, let me know.
  9. Should be easy, but I can't find the answer here or Support. Trying to forward emails from gmail to EN stand alone app in Windows. Have everything set until I get a popup in Gmail "A confirmation code has been sent to fakeaddress@m.evernote.com to verify permission.' I think I know the email should appear in the Inbox folder of EN. I have no Inbox folder. Where is the email so I can confirm?
  10. Thanks for the reply. The problem is/was having to log in to EN when it''s already open. Only way I found around it was to log out, login using a coworker's account, log out, and log back in to my account. Don't know why this worked, Don't care. But I'm happy now. Off-topi, but it reminded me of an EN annoyance. Can't share stacks.
  11. I think I've figured out some of my problem. I can't use a 3rd party email with email accounts. I have to use the gmail android app. When I open an email and scroll to the bottom, I see the EN icon. Click on that and I get "log in to EN." My problem is, I'm always logged in to EN - the app - not the web page. Must I be logged in to EN on the web? Hope not. That negates the value of the EN app.
  12. Thanks. Can't find a way to award you with a 'solved.'
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