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  1. Thanks. Can't find a way to award you with a 'solved.'
  2. My bad. Sometimes I type without thinking. One last question. Any way to direct an email to a stack, as in "How to collect on your winning lottery ticket @email" with 'email' being a stack name?
  3. OK, I have a stack I named "email" I have a notebook named "folder" So my email title should read "How to collect on your winning lottery ticket @email" or "How to collect on your winning lottery ticket @personal," or "How to collect on your winning lottery ticket @personal" or will all 3 work, depending on where I want the email?
  4. I have a stack(?) containing folders. All should contain emails. I'm having problems getting the emails to go to the appropriate folder. Take the following email - "How to collect on your winning lottery ticket." I open the email, hit "Forward, add my EN email address, and in the title I have ""How to collect on your winning lottery ticket @email." The email ends up in the EN "Contracts" folder. What am I missing? And, is it possible to send an email to a folder such as ""How to collect on your winning lottery ticket @email/personal?
  5. OK, uninstalled/reinstalled EN app on my PC. Works as it should.
  6. Web site - W8 and Chrome App - Android
  7. Stack and folder. Yeah, sorry I don't know the lingo. I've found I can add a folder to a stack by using the web site. Doesn't work using the app.
  8. Is it possible (can I) create subfolders in an email folder? I have an email folder that works well. I want a subfolder for individual entities. When I try, I get an additional folder at the same level as emails. I can create subfolders in every folder but email
  9. Thanks for the response. Let me start again. I am the primary user. I have shared a notebook with someone else. He can access that notebook on a PC. He can not access the notebook through android. Gets a message "Upgrade to continue using EN on this device." What next.
  10. I have EN Premium (I think). I have 3 users on the account, just added the third. I have shared a notebook with the 3rd user. When he logs on through the EN app on a Windows PC, the Notebook appears. When he logs in through his android phone, no notebook. Just a note about being on a basic plan. What are we doing wrong? FWIW, all three of us log in using Google IDs.
  11. Sorry if this isn't an 'organization' question. Somehow I've ended up with two EN accounts. One unconnected to other people. One connected to two others (Plus). I have two notebooks on the 'unconnected' account I want to move to the connected account. How do I do that.
  12. Unfortunately, it may be a fwe days before I can say. This mysterious rectangle is intermittent.
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