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  1. Thanks. If that works, it's outstanding. And thanks to CalS on the Inbox tip
  2. Ah Ha. I suppose this means create an "Inbox" folder and make it the default. I didn't know if I could create a default Inbox or had to go through a lot of technical stuff. If my presumption is wrong, let me know.
  3. Should be easy, but I can't find the answer here or Support. Trying to forward emails from gmail to EN stand alone app in Windows. Have everything set until I get a popup in Gmail "A confirmation code has been sent to fakeaddress@m.evernote.com to verify permission.' I think I know the email should appear in the Inbox folder of EN. I have no Inbox folder. Where is the email so I can confirm?
  4. Thanks for the reply. The problem is/was having to log in to EN when it''s already open. Only way I found around it was to log out, login using a coworker's account, log out, and log back in to my account. Don't know why this worked, Don't care. But I'm happy now. Off-topi, but it reminded me of an EN annoyance. Can't share stacks.
  5. I think I've figured out some of my problem. I can't use a 3rd party email with email accounts. I have to use the gmail android app. When I open an email and scroll to the bottom, I see the EN icon. Click on that and I get "log in to EN." My problem is, I'm always logged in to EN - the app - not the web page. Must I be logged in to EN on the web? Hope not. That negates the value of the EN app.
  6. Thanks. Can't find a way to award you with a 'solved.'
  7. My bad. Sometimes I type without thinking. One last question. Any way to direct an email to a stack, as in "How to collect on your winning lottery ticket @email" with 'email' being a stack name?
  8. OK, I have a stack I named "email" I have a notebook named "folder" So my email title should read "How to collect on your winning lottery ticket @email" or "How to collect on your winning lottery ticket @personal," or "How to collect on your winning lottery ticket @personal" or will all 3 work, depending on where I want the email?
  9. I have a stack(?) containing folders. All should contain emails. I'm having problems getting the emails to go to the appropriate folder. Take the following email - "How to collect on your winning lottery ticket." I open the email, hit "Forward, add my EN email address, and in the title I have ""How to collect on your winning lottery ticket @email." The email ends up in the EN "Contracts" folder. What am I missing? And, is it possible to send an email to a folder such as ""How to collect on your winning lottery ticket @email/personal?
  10. OK, uninstalled/reinstalled EN app on my PC. Works as it should.
  11. Web site - W8 and Chrome App - Android
  12. Stack and folder. Yeah, sorry I don't know the lingo. I've found I can add a folder to a stack by using the web site. Doesn't work using the app.
  13. Is it possible (can I) create subfolders in an email folder? I have an email folder that works well. I want a subfolder for individual entities. When I try, I get an additional folder at the same level as emails. I can create subfolders in every folder but email
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