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Notes don't show

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Hi there, maybe this has been answered somewhere else in the forum but I can't find my answer so help would be gratefully received. I have a batch of notes on Evernote on my desktop and have synched it with my Android phone but none of the notes show on my phone. Why?

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Did you sign into Evernote using the same account credentials?


"All Notes" means just that, and include Local Notebooks, which are NOT sync'd.

Goto View > Notebooks, and mouseover each NB and click on the "Settings" button to determine if it is a Local NB or not.  Also, when you mouseover, the sync'd NB will show a "Share" button.

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Hi Julie.  What JM said now relative to correct user name (since you know the notebooks are supposed to sync).  Be sure all of the notebooks appear on the phone.  Not sure, but is there a setting on the Android for syncing only on wifi?  If there is be sure it is set the way you would like.  This can disable syncs depending upon your network access at any time.

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Thanks to everyone who has tried to help me on this. I've chosen to only synch when in a wifi zone but that hasn't made a difference. I'm at a loss....


Julie, in order for us to offer any further help other than pure guesswork, you need to tell us what steps you have taken that we have already suggested.  In particular, please confirm that you are signed in with the same account on both devices.

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You should see the notes from your desktop on the phone.  Also, sign into the web version and make sure you see the notes there as well, just to be sure you have the same account.

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Yes sorry, I am being vague. Can you tell me how I check that I am signed in on the same account please


For EN Win:

  • At the top of the window, the window title bar will show:

    <notebook name> - <your EN account email address> - Evernote

    For example:   All Notebooks - juliemoolie@gmail.com - Evernote

  • You can also see you account email under the File menu

For EN Mac:

  • At the top of the EN app window, you will see your account name, like "Julie Moolie" (or whatever you entered when you created your account)
  • Click on this, and there will be a dropdown list with "Account Info"

For  EN Android:

  • I don't know since I don't use Android.
  • One of the EN Android users will have to provide this.
  • But you should look for your name or email address

Your email address MUST be the same on all of the EN clients/platforms for you to be in the same account.

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ah ha- my desktop account is my yahoo address and my mobile is my gmail address. How do I change the desktop email to my mobile email please?


See the EN Win File menu for account/user options.

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If you are asking about your log in credentials, and you want Yahoo to be your EN account, there are two ways.


If you are a Premium user you can do FIle - Add another user


If not, or if you want to eliminate the google sign on

  1. If you want any of the notes in the google sign on, export them using the ENEX format
  2. Locate your .exb data file, should be visible in Tools - Options - General (Windows anyway)
  3. Sign completely out of EN, File - Exit
  4. Move the .exb file to the desktop for backup and just in case.
  5. Sign back into EN using your yahoo name
  6. Your notes from your phone should begin to sync to the desktop.
  7. Import the notes you exported in step 1.

If you don't care about any of the google account notes, just do steps 2, 3, and 5.  I'm not sure, but hopefully this addresses your issue.  If not, let us know.

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So do I add another user email to my account and use that as a default?


Which account has the most number of Notes that you want to retain?

Whichever account that is, change (if needed) the current user/account.

The easiest way to switch back and forth between accounts is using the EN Web client at Evernote.com.


In EN Win, if you are not a Premium user, just goto menu File, "Sign out", then sign back in with the desired account/email.

There should be a similar process for EN Android.


You have NOT lost the Notes in the other account.  You can go to the EN Web client (on your PC), sign in under the other account to view these Notes.  If desired, you can SHARE the Notebooks in the other account with your primary account. Then, if you wish, you can copy the desired notes from the shared NB into a NB in your primary account.

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How long should it take to get a reply to a support ticket that was posted on 6-20-2015?


Please repost your question in the appropriate EN Forum (Windows, Mac, iOS, etc), and include your EN Support Ticket#.

You might also describe the issue you are having.

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If you are a free user, could be never depending upon the type of problem.  Premium user is supposed to be a couple of business days.

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