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Is it possible to integrate with outlook for mac V15.10

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Well, there is no direct or tight integration between Evernote and Outlook 2011 Mac, but you can do the following:

  1. Forward your Outlook emails to your Evernote account.
  2. Put Evernote Note links in Outlook items, like Calendar and Contact items.  You could also create or forward an email to yourself and include a EN Note link in the email.

The way I use Outlook email and Evernote is to forward to Evernote ALL important email, or email that I might want to reference in the future.

I usually apply EN Tags to the Note created from these emails to associate the Note with specific projects, clients, vendors, etc.


It's a manual system, but it works well once you get used to doing it.

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Hey Blue,


I agree with JMichael about no direct integration.  


Here is what I do:

Open the particular email in Outlook

Go to "File" - "Print" at the bottom left there is a "PDF" toggle box

Click on the "PDF" toggle box

Click on "Save PDF to Evernote"


Now the email is in Evernote


Hope this helps until Evernote offers a better solution


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>> Is this still the only mechanism to get Outlook 15 for Mac mail into Evernote?

I'm not an Outlook user but I use Mac mail.
I have an app (Evermail) that does this.
Without it, I'd be looking to automate it with AppleScript
I also find the 
mail forwarding adequate for my needs.

An example of an Applescript for Outlook/Evernote is

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