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Desktop changed creation dates not sorting on Android

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I am trying to use Evernote as a journal and wanted to use the creation time and date to sort rather than put the date in the title.

I managed to change the creation dates of entries I made after they occurred, which worked on the desktop version.

However, when I try to sort them by creation date on the Android version they are sorted by the initial creation date, even though when I open the note 'info'in Android, the correct, edited creation date is shown.

I hope that makes sense!

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Any way of getting this to work?


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Hi.  Notes aren't permanently downloaded to mobile devices because there's no local storage - they're held in temporary memory while you look at them,  but discarded between viewing or editing.  The only 'permanent' item on your phone is the search index which is (I assume) updated with changes when the phone is synced.  How are you viewing your list of notes on the Android - and do you sync changes before checking whether the list has been re-ordered?

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