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  1. I dont know, I fully migrated to Joplin ages ago. Must stop the Evernote forum notifications.
  2. Yup,same thing happened again today Not wanting to uninstall - reboot - reinstall every day I tried killing it with task manager and that worked first time I'm waiting for the next release then.
  3. 10.7.6-win-ddl-public (2321) Editor: v117.1.15008 Service: v1.27.2 Windows 10 After this update this morning, the entire Evernote Window is blank except for the title and menu bar I dont mean the notes are blank, I mean I cant see anything The dropdown menus seem to work, but I cant open anything except a new note in a new window I tried Light, Dark and System views I have tried restarting Evernote and windows to no avail Any ideas?
  4. Further, as an alternative to Firefox, try Brave browser which is Chrome based so the beta version works on it, but not Google. This thread is coming up to its 2nd birthday.
  5. I actually now use the Evernote App on Windows and Android and on Linux I just set up a launcher to go to the beta version in Chrome in full screen to be like an 'Evernote App' (I prefer this to Nixnote2) as my usual browser is Firefox which I think still does not have the Beta version Plus, for important work stuff I use Word documents in Evernotes. It works for me, but is a bit of a palaver ...
  6. Hi, Below are the latest, very recent, replies to the ticket I submitted In summary, 'This has already been noted by our development and is working on a fix. As it turns out, we have no definite time frame regarding the bug.' To be honest, I am too scared to even open the web client in case I loose any bullet formatting, or is this only going to happen if I open and save a specific note in the web client? For now, I will continue with embedded Word docs ---------------------------- Lormel Katrin Gesite (Evernote Help and Learning) Mar 14, 23:01 PDT Hello Leigh, I apologize for the inconvenience regarding the bulleted lists that you've created in your notes. As it turns out, this appears to be a bug on the app. As a workaround, I would recommend trying the beta version of Evernote Web, which has an improved editor in it. Kindly follow these steps to switch to the beta version: Go to your Settings in Evernote Web Under Account Summary page, you should see a link that says: "Go to beta version". Kindly let us know how this works, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Katrin G. Customer Support Representative ---------------------------- My (grumpy) reply: Mar 15, 01:29 PDT Yes, we have all known it is a bug for more than a year now which I find incredible - the question I would like answered is what is the progress on and estimated solution date for this problem? I use Firefox - at last look the Beta version was only for Chrome In any case, this is not something I can try and hope it is OK - this bug causes data loss - the indented bullet structure for me and many others is part of the information we need to store - if this is lost then my notes are as good as lost as well When is this bug going to be prioritised and then solved? That is the main question I want answered, not endless apologies. ---------------------------- Lormel Katrin Gesite (Evernote Help and Learning) Mar 17, 17:04 PDT Hello Leigh, I understand where you're coming from. This has already been noted by our development and is working on a fix. As it turns out, we have no definite time frame regarding the bug. Thank you for your understanding. Katrin G. Customer Support Representative
  7. TIhanks, but I am also using documents within Evernote when ever it is something important. But this seems to be making Evernote redundant. I was wondering what are the more reliable alternatives to evernote. I dont see any signals that this very basic requirement is going to get any better and so really want to avoid investing further in Evernote. Especially since I am a paying customer.
  8. Hi Because this is obviously never going to be solved I'd like to migrate from Evernote to another service. What are the alternatives? I am windows linux dual boot. I'd much rather avoid MS. Thanks
  9. @Bart388: For work I have to use Win 10 but for everything else I use Xubuntu 18.04. and Nixnote is OK ( nixnote2), although I haven't explored this bullet point problem on Nixnote as I use them more for work and hence in Windows.
  10. Not resolved via the ticket, but by a workaround from this forum. I got a response to my reply to their email as reproduced below However, I think beta version is only for Chrome? I made sure I told them I was using Firefox, so its probably just a standard answer (yup, see edit at end of this post) Thanks for the clarifications. We have gotten complaints about inconsistencies in bulleted list across platforms in the past. This is something our development team is aware of and working to fix. If you haven't already, I do recommend trying the beta version of Evernote Web, which has an improved editor in it. This can be switched to by navigating to your Settings an next to the Evernote Web section on your Account Summary page, you should see a link that says: "Go to beta version". Using this version might improve the transitions across platforms. If not, please know that our development team is aware and working to fix this as quickly as they can. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to let me know. Kind regards, Corey H. Customer Support Representative Mon-Fri, 6:30am-3:00pm CT EDIT: when I tried to access the new version: "Sorry, we don't support your browser at this moment. To use the new Evernote Web experience, please use the latest version of Google Chrome or Safari. For a more integrated experience, you can also download Evernote."
  11. Brilliant! Thank you very much indeed! In the Windows app editing the word doc is easy - that's what I will do from now on as I don't trust the formatting in the notes themselves Like that I will get the organisational advantages of Evernote as well - win-win! I already got a reply to my ticket of yesterday, so will continue with that to see if it helps sort the problem, "Thanks for reaching out to Evernote Support, my name is Corey. It sounds like you're encountering some formatting issues on Evernote Web and Evernote for Windows. While, there has been a known issue regarding bullet points across these platforms, I'd like to confirm whether this is the same issue. In order to better assist you, I’d like to gather a little more information: Could you provide a series of screenshots displaying this issue? What platform are you creating the lists on (Evernote Web or the Evernote for Windows app)? Does this occur on every note, or just a few? Please let me know what you find and we can determine next steps."
  12. I am currently in Windows 10 but mostly dual boot into Xubuntu I tend to use the Web app due (Firefox) to these formatting issues, and that's what I was using when I tried editing the word attachment Perhaps I should use the Windows app, then? I'll try. In Linux I think there is no real alternative to the web app (which Tusk also is) - or maybe Nixnote is still going?
  13. Thanks!!! I didnt think of that, However, when I tried it out and then tried to edit the word doc it was read only when I opened it I had to download it, edit it, then re-upload it to the note and delete the old version in the note - a bit of a faff! How do you do it?
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