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Check boxes moving when editing with Android.

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I just went from an old iPod to a new Android mobile. On the iPod I had no problems with the app. On my new phone, I can't get check boxes to appear on the same line as the object I want to tick off. If I try to edit notes I created on the computer with the check boxes on the same line, they get kicked down to the line below. This is really frustrating, and limiting how useful the mobile app is to me. Is there a way around it?

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Hi.  Just had a look on my SG3 running the latest Beta,  and I can't even find checkboxes.. :( - what Android device are you using?


Are the lists you're checkboxing created in the device,  or on a desktop?  The only way to work around this on the mobile may be to add an "Xx" code - characters so you can find it with a search,  and Xx so it's unique - and then replace the code later...

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