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The web uses a different search algorithm/program than the Windows desktop.


I have 30,000+ notes in Evernote, but I have not seen any noticeable difference in the results.

The desktop version has more capabilities, so I seldom use the Web version.

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In my experience, there are better search results (more) on the web client (and mobile clients) than the Windows client in one area: when it comes to searching OCRed attachments - that is, if you have subsequent to adding any attachments to a note on your Windows desktop, edited a note in any way whatsoever (after attachments have been indexed). What then happens is that your image attachments show (under info) to not be indexed... and therefore will not show up in a search. There is a way to fix this. If you have discrepancies related to searching OCRed images, let me know and I'll expand on that.

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Yep. exactly.

I am having difficulties with OCRed search. 


Take a look at this thread: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/79777-photos-of-handwritten-docs-not-searchable/


There's a Youtube video further down to demonstrate how to "fix" notes and have the attachments show as indexed.  


What I didn't cover in that thread is that, for sure, a fresh install of the Evernote client on your desktop and a re-syncing of all your notes from the Evernote servers will fix account-wide occurrences. Not very desirable, though. 

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