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  1. :-) No way. I dont plan to buy a new card. And we have a possibility of NVidia Driver conflict. Its a complicated interaction. Well... I will wait.
  2. Same behavior here. Maybe it is a bad interaction "evernote+windows+NVidia".
  3. (306387) Public (CE Build ce-1.36.3494) Windows 10.
  4. Too many questions! :-) It is appearing in all notes! Sometimes a big blue box and in some cases multiples boxes. I dont want a box around my content!! :-)
  5. why those blue boxes? I don't want it!
  6. Yep. exactly. I am having difficulties with OCRed search.
  7. Why the search results are better using web interface (compared with windows)?
  8. Some minutes ago I received a message from support. They are trying to solve the issue. ..
  9. Days... Its internet! Year 2015. Days to solve a PAYMENT issue?!
  10. I have submitted and received no response.
  11. Im getting a error message when I try to make a payment with a international credit card (Im from Brazil). Please, help.
  12. Please. Fix this. Nothing work here. I dont have time to waste!!
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