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How to change font size or line spacing on iPhone?



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Don't believe you can on the iPhone.  Sorry. 


Some actually change the font on their desktop which then effectively changes it on the phone.  FWIW.

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I've tweeted Evernote support and of course they respond by telling me to post in the forums even though this has been a forum topic over many threads since 2012.  They just do not care about universal text formatting or accessibility for it apps and users.   

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I just got the same response...post in forum..bla bla bla....since 2012?? Really long time to not have font size options!?My wife says she would use it IF & ONLY IF SHE COULD CHANGE FONT SIZE. I'm assuming she is one of thousands! Change it to a business perspective and that's a lot of $$$$. It seems like the change would pay for itself in a month or two of fees from NEW customers.

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