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  1. What about iOS? This has been an accessibility issue since the beginning of Evernote. Other apps can change font size, like OneNote, and iOS gives developers the tools to use Dynamic Type.
  2. This doesn't exactly solve the problem because the text still is not large enough and the text is not wrapped. Other apps like OneNote and Notes.app can do this. This is am accessibility issue and usability issue that should be fixed. I have low vision and this is forcing me to look at other options.
  3. We have been waiting for over 5 years for this and still nothing. iOS has the dynamic text option and so many apps take advantage of this. There are visually impaired users of your product, including those of us who pay for the premium service, we should be able to use the service as easily as normal sighted people but we cannot. Why is Evenote unwilling to to make this simple change and give all users the ability to use the app more easily. It's just text, why can't we have universal text formatting. There are now so many alternatives that have the option for larger text. I just want to know why Evernote doesn't care about this. I have tweeted Evernote support and they just say to post in the forums. Well I have posted in every forum related to this topic which is many, going back to 2011. Now i want to see what this company is willing to do about it.
  4. Evernote is not responsive to this topic, people have complained for years and iOS gives them the ability to enable Dynamic Type and so many apps take advantage of this but Evernote will not. It's just another symptom of how the company is not minding the core features of the application and service. Just another large tech company that doesn't care about accessibility.
  5. I've tweeted Evernote support and of course they respond by telling me to post in the forums even though this has been a forum topic over many threads since 2012. They just do not care about universal text formatting or accessibility for it apps and users.
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