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I have a few questions concerning evernote plus:

  • It is clear that I can't search in Office docs, but can I search in .pdf docs ?
  • Can I search in images?
  • If I downgrade from premium to plus or basic, do I remain full search capabilities for existing notes already in the database ?


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Hi.  The deal with Evernote seems to be that PDFs - which will have indexes provided by Evernote or by your own OCR - will stay searchable,  as will new PDFs that are pre-OCR'd by you.  New PDFs that are not already searchable when they hit the server will not be processed and won't be searchable.


Office files - I don't know.  If Evernote indexes existing files and saves that index in your account,  then yes,  they 'should' be searchable.  It's possible that they won't be,  and new files definitely won't be searchable.  Worst case - you could downgrade to sample the service,  then re-upgrade if you find the service restrictions are unhelpful.

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The Evernote position on Search of existing Notes with attachments when you downgrade is unclear at this point.


I guess the question I have is, is it worth the $2-$3/month to you to have all the features (including full Search), unlimited uploads/storage, and support provided by Evernote Premium?  For me, having the full Support offering with immediate, real-time Support Chat is worth the cost alone.


How much is your time worth, trying to figure this out, worrying about your Search results?


BTW, I have no association with Evernote other than being a Premium account owner.

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