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"This resource has changed unexpectedly or has been deleted externally"

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I'm always paranoid when I post that I'm rehashing a well-known topic but for some reason couldn't find the discussion. Hoping this isn't true, I searched for the error message both internally to the forum and via google externally.


Two days in a row I've been annotating a PDF that is an attachment to a note.  Suddenly I get the error message in the attached screen shot, the attachment disappears from the note, and the annotate app/screen closes.  Fortunately, I am able to find the file in the attachments folders in the EN directory structure, but this seems like a bug.


Please look at attached screen shot.  Any advice is always appreciated.




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Hi.  What's your OS?  I'm guessing Windows if you found the attachment folder,  but just in case...


Can you outline the exact process you used to annotate the PDF?  Was the file opened directly from Evernote and saved back to the note?  Did you use any external software as part of the operation?  The error message looks like Evernote trying to save a changed file back into its note structure,  but finding that the temporary file - which all software creates while editing file content - was not there,  or had been changed by other software.


If you are changing a file extensively it's probably a good idea to save a copy of the file attached to the note onto your desktop,  do your changes,  then save the completed file back into the note - either in replacement to the original or as an extra attachment so you keep the history of your changes.  Each time you sync the changed file,  the full file size counts against your upload quota (if you have one).  Changing a 1MB file several times means you use 7MB or so.  Making a copy,  changing it several times and saving a new 1MB file into the note uses 1MB only.

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Hi, thanks for the quick reply.  Let me answer your questions


* yes, I'm in windows, 8.1 to be exact

* process - I right click the attachment from within the note, and choose "annotate" from the pull-down menu

* when it works, I simply close the window that pops to do the annotation.  When it doesn't work, I get that error msg popup and the annotate window closes on it's own

* not using external software, just whatever EN uses to annotate


I don't have to worry about upload quota, but I was thinking I'd do what you suggest, because of this problem/bug.....

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Evernote will be using Skitch for the annotations,  and there's a File Save + Exit option in that window which -should- exit back to the note view with the new version in your note.  But for the moment it might be an idea to use the copy option as a workaround - at least you have a backup saved to your desktop in case something goes wrong...

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11 hours ago, Ankit Gupta_090287 said:

I am still not able to resolve the issue and its not working out for any of the files now. Request for immediate help.

Hi.  We're (mainly) a user-supported forum,  and those employees you see here are Admins and Developers,  not support.  The best way to get assistance with a technical problem if you're a subscriber is to contact support.  Meantime -as suggested above- if you copy the file in your note to your desktop and edit it there,  you should be able to replace the original with the copy to keep the note up to date.

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