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  1. Greetings,

    I am facing the issue of ' This resource has changed unexpectedly or has been deleted externally' while annotating the pdf files which you had faced earlier. It keeps on popping up and am not able to work on pdfs. Any suggestions on how to resolve it. 


  2. I'm almost afraid to post this because my suspicion is there is something I'm not thinking of. Nonetheless... I've got some PDFs that are password-protected inside an EN note. When I wish to view them on Evernote for windows, I am always prompted for the password. When I view them on my ipad, it never asks for the password and simply opens the file and displays the contents... What gives? Is there a cached copy on the ipad from the last time I supplied the password or something...? How would EN know the password otherwise? If I try to view the same files on my droid phone, I *AM* asked for the password. Feeling a bit stupid here, but would like to figure it out in case my Ipad is stolen.. Thanks in advance
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