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Can I undo move to notebook


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I accidentally chose to move all my 6000+ notes to a different note book . I only meant to do it for a few notes but I didn't realise my filter was gone.


Can I undo it. or go back. 


I am premium user

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I don't think there is an "undo" for this, but there is nothing to stop you from selecting these Notes and moving them back.

I would probably do it in groups, of say 250-500 Notes per move.  Then do a sync, and review the target NB to make sure the move was as you intended.


There really should not be any hit on your upload allowance, since you are not changing the Note content, only the metadata.

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Thanks J Michael,


That is as I thought. Would take me a while. 


There might be another option because I turned off sync before it changed the cloud file so I would be happy to just go back to the cloud file.


SO my new question is: Is there any way I can choose the sync direction from cloud without having to delete my account on my desktop and have it re download all the notes.

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Not really.  If you don't have any local notebooks or un-synched notes and you are 100% sure the cloud is what you want: do a File - Exit in Evernote, move your .EXB  file to the desktop or wherever, start up EN and sign back in.  EN will then download your notes from the cloud building a new EXB file. 


Not sure which would be quicker, moving notes on the desktop version or downloading from the server.

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