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Fixing default mac layout



I have a need to manage lots of text files inside a hierarchy because that's how I take notes. Without a direct replacement for treepad I'm using Evernote on mac but the default layout is meh


I saw this screenshot online and it looks closer to usable: http://i.imgur.com/q0W5KZh.png



It took me some time to mimic the layout but I think it should be a default. 


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If that was the default, then a bunch of people would be scrambling to switch to whatever their preferred layout it. 

Defaults are tricky and it is impossible to find a default that pleases everyone. As it stands it is so easy to change between the layouts that I am positively indifferent over the default. 


The other thing is that once you've set a layout, you shouldn't have to change it unless you reinstall the application, which under normal circumstances isn't a regular occurrence. 

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Hey I still like Treepad for some things too!   ;)


No reason why you shouldn't use both apps as required for different tasks.  I'd think that you could embed a link to notes in one system into the other too,  so you could jump to open the Treepad app from Evernote and go back from there direct to an Evernote note if it's relevant...

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