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Don't forget the Individual Users who don't want "Team" upgrades

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As a longtime Evernote individual PLEASE tell me there is a way to hide the "Upgrade Your Team" addition to sidebar? I understand the Evernote Team promotion but as a Premium User already, I should be able to hide all the Evernote Team features like promotions and chat. Many of us do not use Evernote as a Team.

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Edit:  Sorry if you got the "??" version of this post.  The graphic took a second or two to load,  so all I got initially was


"For Windows fans:"


Now only one question remains:  what is the software that generates those nice animated pics?

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Hi @Gazumped,


I asked @Chirmer the same thing :-)


One of the pieces of software she pointed me to was "Gyazo". One gets 5 seconds max to "record" your screen, resulting in an animated GIF. I'm not sure whether premium increases that, but generally if you rehearse what you're going to record, 5 seconds is OK. It automatically saves screenshots/ animated GIF's to a free online account as you take them. I prefer to then drag the images to desktop and into Dropbox. They do, however, offer a link to the image/ GIF on their site for sharing.


If pictures are worth a thousand words, animated GIF's doubly so. 


Have fun tinkering!

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