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Work Chat Doesn't Work

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I have Evernote premium and so does my colleague. I have been trying to invite him to 2 different notebooks however he doesn't even get notified that I have invited him. It comes up as a work chat sent on my side but on his there's nothing. I have sent numerous invites and as well as just plain random chats within work chat but nothing gets through to him. He also doesn't get an email to notify him.


We've checked the email address is correct, tried reinstalling the app and logging in on different devices (PCs and iOS) but nothing is making it work... help??

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As a first-time chat,  your colleague should be getting an email.  Have you checked his spam folder to see if it's being intercepted?  Does your company have a server-based spam filter that might kill external emails addressed to him?  Can he share a notebook back to you / can you share a notebook to someone else to verify whether the system is working?


-And it would be nice to know your OS please...

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No emails anywhere, including in his spam. It's also a personal email account (Hotmail), not a business one. Even if the email was being intercepted, the work chat message should appear in his work chat.


The OSs we've tried are the latest iOS on iPhone 6 and iPad Air, and one on Windows 8.


Have asked him to try sharing a notebook with me, will update when he's tried.

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Can you elaborate on what happened with the invitations?  I'd like to get more info on how we could improve the WC on boarding process to avoid issues like you've experienced.  



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When people haven't set a display name, they come up as an email address. He hadn't set a display name so he came up as a number, it was really strange, but now he's set a display name so it shows properly.



I asked him to try inviting me to a notebook, I don't think he ended up doing that but he did send me a message in a Work Chat, once I had replied and found out who it was (I thought it may have been a technical support person because it was from a number and not an email address), I sent his invitation to the notebooks to that number (instead of his email). That work, he's now in all of the notebooks and everything is working fine. We just have no idea where the number came from, it was 8 digits and started with 7819...


Does that help?

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I think the numbers being displayed is a bug.  We should never show you numbers.  If the person didn't have an display name set, we should have shown the email address as the most basic piece of information we have on the account.  


Can you start from the beginning and list out the steps you tried when you first had problems?  

- Did you start by sending a message to your colleague or by inviting him to your notebooks?  

- When you invited him, did you address him via the email address he uses to login to his Evernote account or via another email address?

- You said he didn't receive any emails about your shared notebooks, presumably when he went to his Work Chat home, he didn't see any threads from you right?

- Later, when you got things to work, did he start a new thread with you or did your original message finally get through and he just replied?  

- If he started a new thread with you, did he address it via the email address tied to your Evernote account or a different one?  Did you receive any emails or just the message from him?

- Presumably you see him via his name and no longer by the number or his email address?

- What platforms are you on?


Sorry for the ton of questions but I need this info to dissect how you originally got into this strange state and what changed to get you out.


Thank you for your help and feedback.

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No worries.

- I started by inviting him to a notebook on evernote and this one worked. He joined it and was able to access it (call it notebook 1). A few days later I tried to invite him to notebooks 2 and 3 but these didn't work. I have since tried just messaging him however nothing got through to him.

- I invited him via the email account he uses to log into evernote. He has never given me any other email addresses I can use and we both checked it letter by letter to make sure it was correct. The first one had worked so we were quite confused.

- He didn't see any work chat threads when he looked. I had him log in on my ipad thinking a new device might force it to sync fresh and suddenly the work chats would appear but that didn't happen.

- When things worked, it came through as a new message from an 8 digit number and I asked who it was because there was nothing to indicate who was messaging me.

- I believe he sent it to my evernote email address and the first time I did also receive an email saying 'new work chat'.

- He assigned himself a display name so now he comes up as his name. I have, however, noticed that when he works on my notebooks, it comes up as "his name <78******> made the most recent change..."

- While at work I mostly use my windows surface tablet, I also use my iPhone and ipad for it.


All good, hope it's useful! :)

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