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Keyboard shortcut to save image directly from a note?

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After taking a picture using my Android phone and saving it as a note, I sometimes need to go to my Desktop to copy the image directly from Evernote to my Gmail compose window. 


Is there a shorter way to do this, as compared to right click ➟ save as ➟ attach file in Gmail?


I tried simply highlighting the image and Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V - didn't work.


Suggestions welcome!

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You could try drag and drop (or cut and paste) directly from the web client into your Gmail.

Alternatively, you might want to make sure a copy of the photo is saved to your camera roll and compose the email directly on your Android.

You could also drag the image to desktop first and then to Gmail. That's what I do.

Yet another method: email the note to yourself from Evernote and modify the existing fields.

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