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Why is my Android not showing my Premium upgrade?

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Hi, I recently upgraded to Evernote Premium. On my PC, everything went smoothly.


HOWEVER, my Nexus 5 Android phone didn't seem to get the news. I continue to be unable to use the app because I have exceeded my monthly FREE allotment. I get some kind of onscreen message telling me to adjust my settings for Premium but don't know how/where to do that. Can you help me?



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OK, new information, I found settings on the Evernote Android app but when I go to it, it simply asks me to upgrade to premium and pay the fee.....should I not be allowed to have Premium benefits on my Android as well as my PC since I already upgraded?

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Hi.  Just log out of Evernote,  restart your phone and then log back in.  If that fails a quick uninstall/ reinstall should so the trick - just make sure you've synced your current notes.

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