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Tab key alignment is off


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I not sure but i can't do some like this:

John        Ana

Richard   Jane

Ricky       Susann


Of course i can use table or do this with space but this is not first and best choice by editing.

When I use tab is not possible to get alignment of right content.

Best regrads


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The "tab" used by Evernote is not a true "tab". It is more like "spaces". This issue has been discussed by other people in this forum. I believe the reason is due to the computer coding used by Evernote.



Try using the search for additional posts on the tab issue.


Here is one example:


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You can create tables in MS Word and make the borders *white. Copy to Evernote and you'll have invisible borders - if it's more of an aesthetics thing you're after.

* invisible borders created in Word show up in Evernote as the default border color.

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