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(Archived) Signed-in, but no notes, no search, empty notebooks list...


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I am testing the Evernote 1.3 (70553) app from the Android Market on my HTC Magic (g2) with Android 1.6 (from France, and I use the french-localized version), but with no success today.

Whilte I can see my notes in the Windows desktop app or in the Web App, the android app is desperately silent to all my request:

1/Creating a text note do not show the notebook list (it seems empty as it does not pop up). Same for the tag list.

2/making a search gives nothing after a loooooong wait

3/sneding a file does nothing

etc., etc.

All these operations have been done using the 3G network. I have not tested under wifi.

I can sign in, but that's all. Nothing more.

Am I missing something obvious ? Is there a way to fix this and make it work ?

(FYI, I tried uninstall/install several times)



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I don't have HTC Magic , but I reset my Android phone to french locale and it works. I have some suggestions. You may check the application info (setting\Application setting\Manage applications\) for Evernote to see if it is allowed for Network communication access. Secondly, you may try to set your phone locale to English just to check if the notes show up.

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I have the same problem. I installed Evernote a couple days ago, successfully created a few notes on my Android phone (HTC Hero on with network access to Sprint's network) and a few notes with the web client on my home desktop. All day today the phone hasn't synced: I see notes on the web client but there are no notes showing up on my phone.

I'm in the US, fyi. Any help would be appreciated!

Edit: I've just realized that my problem could be caused by the app not storing notes offline. Even if this is not what is causing the problem, a lack of offline storage will mean a much bigger problem for me in the future. Sorry peeps, great idea, but offline access is critical to me. Please don't bother troubleshooting my problem, I'm uninstalling the app until there is offline storage offered.

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