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  1. Good catch and thanks for reporting this. We will have a fix very soon. AH Fan Evernote team
  2. H, I think that you are seeing notebook stack, which can contain one to many notebooks under the stack Ah Fan
  3. Ah_Fan

    let do one by one.  how about the looped sync.....

  4. For all, I want to first apologize for the installation issue. I found that the tester was picking up the wrong beta build to test the installation. For the fpdemb.dll, both market and beta 1 are the same dll. The issue is due to the version number of the dlls. (beta 1 version is somehow labelled "older" than the one from the market). And the installation rejects to install an old version of dll on top of a newer dll. Therefore, in order to fix the issue, we update the new beta dll version to the same version as market's. @sangram.takmoge Can you PM me your log and crash.dmp like in Users\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Crashes? I will follow up with our dev to have your issue fix asap. @JeffreyC yes. We remove one of the "delete" functions since it exists in 2 different locations. So, we decide to keep delete in Edit\delete. @V How about just click delete key? For those that I have not replied with an answer/solution, it is logged in our bug system and investigating..
  5. @FactMan For search reindexing. It is ok to close\exit evernote. It can resume from where it left off. For my testing, it tooks ~50% of my computer time. But it maybe depend on different PC/OS. However, when you works on something else in evernote app, the redexing should pause in the background. You can see redexing in the log, like: 15:57:09 [11092] Reindexing 2675 items 16:01:19 [11092] Reindexing progress: 0% done 16:02:23 [11092] Reindexing progress: 17% done 16:02:53 [11092] Reindexing progress: 37% done 16:03:23 [11092] Reindexing progress: 52% done 16:03:53 [11092] Reindexing progress: 65% done 16:04:46 [11092] Reindexing progress: 73% done 16:05:16 [11092] Reindexing progress: 82% done 16:05:46 [11092] Reindexing progress: 91% done 16:06:16 [11092] Reindexing progress: 99% done 16:06:19 [11092] Finished reindexing 2675 items @csihilling The total count should be the same, unless there are local notebooks. Log will say re-indexing is finished check the log to see if re-indexing is finished and if he has local notebooks and linked notebooks. Also, what's the total note count on all those platforms, is it the same everywhere? You can PM me and we can work out why there is a difference. (FYI, we now search attachment filename) @pepr How about search for "PER "? a empty space after PER.
  6. We can reproduce the issue and logged a defect ticket. Our Dev is looking at it. Thanks for reporting, Ah Fan
  7. @asciimo sorry for the issue you encounter. I want to follow up if you have download skitch before you try to upgrade premium. For my test, I am able to upgrade skitch after install skitch. I have popup from skitch asking me if I want to do 30 days trail mode and upgrade to premium. Skitch also has 30 day free trial mode and maybe you are in the trial mode.
  8. One possible suggestion is t0 make sure the phone's date/time is correct and same as to the server. If your phone time is off by a few minutes, GA code will not match. Hope this help Ah Fan evernote team
  9. Can I have access to the Evernote 4.4 beta please. Desperate to use the Moleskine smart stickers. Evernote user ID davidprice50. send email to david.price50@ntlworld.com. Many thanks.

  10. Hi, all, I logged this as a feature request. Thanks Ah Fan Evernote team
  11. Yes. it is underway. We are working on it, but I don't have an estimate time.
  12. I would recommend to install our latest version here: viewtopic.php?f=51&t=28197 If there is still problem, you can use SendLog to access the logs from your device and email them to: android-preview@evernote.com Ah Fan
  13. Thanks for reporting. It is now fixed in the latest beta 3.2 Ah Fan
  14. Hi, Songbee, I don't think Android 1.5 can handle with our current Android client since it has a lot of enriched features that the older phone may not work correctly or perform well. However, you may try our mobile phone client. go to the browser and type in http://www.evernote.com/m/ Hope this help Ah Fan
  15. Hi Paul, I believe that you can open a note and click menu button and select view note info. It have the note's tag, location and information. If you want to make a new note with location added into the note, go to setting and Check box in "Location for new note Notes" section. Hope this help Ah Fan
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