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  1. Good catch and thanks for reporting this. We will have a fix very soon. AH Fan Evernote team
  2. Ah_Fan

    let do one by one.  how about the looped sync.....

  3. One possible suggestion is t0 make sure the phone's date/time is correct and same as to the server. If your phone time is off by a few minutes, GA code will not match. Hope this help Ah Fan evernote team
  4. Can I have access to the Evernote 4.4 beta please. Desperate to use the Moleskine smart stickers. Evernote user ID davidprice50. send email to david.price50@ntlworld.com. Many thanks.

  5. Hi, all, I logged this as a feature request. Thanks Ah Fan Evernote team
  6. The reasons to remove the user's data when logout are for security and diskspace. I will add an enhancement to give an option to let the user to choose to remove the data when logout.
  7. For now, you can only login into 1 account at a time. But in the future, we will let you "link notebook" from different account so you can see other notebook from other account. (I think that we may even have links between notes, as well. But I am not sure about this one)
  8. Try to reproduce the issue first and then you can use Send Log to: android-preview@evernote.com
  9. I have your 2 emails. Can you export the note to .enex and send to us as well. thanks
  10. I can't reproduce it. Can you create a new encripted note (with just some texts in it) and retry it? if it fails, can you export that note and send it to us. It will be great if you can send the error log from setting\sendlog. You can email them to: android-preview@evernote.com
  11. Thanks everyone. I logged as enhancement.
  12. You may have an older version of Evernote add-on. Go to un-install it (tools\add-on\extensions.) it will re-start ff and try install the add-on again.
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