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  1. Hi, I am testing the Evernote 1.3 (70553) app from the Android Market on my HTC Magic (g2) with Android 1.6 (from France, and I use the french-localized version), but with no success today. Whilte I can see my notes in the Windows desktop app or in the Web App, the android app is desperately silent to all my request: 1/Creating a text note do not show the notebook list (it seems empty as it does not pop up). Same for the tag list. 2/making a search gives nothing after a loooooong wait 3/sneding a file does nothing etc., etc. All these operations have been done using the 3G network. I have not tested under wifi. I can sign in, but that's all. Nothing more. Am I missing something obvious ? Is there a way to fix this and make it work ? (FYI, I tried uninstall/install several times) thx Patrick
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