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Formatting of Merged Notes



The formatting of merged notes is, to put it mildly, "unattractive". I almost dread merging notes because the results need to be edited before I can tolerate looking at them.


While I suppose it's handy to know that a note is the results of two individual notes, I can't imagine there aren't a nearly infinite number of better ways to indicate that fact.


1. Ditch the grey background.


2. Use the same font used for titles of notes. No need to embellish.


3. For bonus points, add metadata to the bottom indicating the results of the merge (what notes were merged to create the resulting note.)


4. Destructive actions ilke this should also be UNDOABLE. (Or, at least, give the option of keeping the individual notes.)


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(ETA: just sent in a bug report for this; ticket #1008867.)

Totally agree.  And if you have a note that you've created by merging two previous notes AND THEN merge a new note onto the end of that note, you end up with repetitive blocks naming the first note twice. It should be easy to append new notes onto an existing one via merge without requiring manual cleanup:




The current implementation is awful.



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I avoid merging notes like the plague because of the aesthetics as they now stand. My mind doesn't often wander in that direction when looking for/ suggesting workarounds. I've learned to love tagging even more for the filtering of groups of notes instead... so it's not all bad  :P


I used to have a workflow for getting ideas for miscellaneous projects into Evernote one snippet at a time via the iOS SnapEntry app on both iPad and iPhone. It  really was a snap to get my ideas into Evernote on the go by presetting a default notebook and using a set of "i-Tags", which I could later filter for in Evernote and consolidate into one note by merging. However, as described above and in a number of other threads, the results were visually clunky. I have since moved to WorkFlowy to manage my ideas on the go as a result.


This particular request has been floating around for quite some time. Here's the thing: The styling of merged notes do not measure up to the exceptional quality of the minimalist aesthetics that are seen in many fantastic Evernote features, including the new Web Beta and presentation mode. It just doesn't quite fit in with the evolving UI's that I see. 

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