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Used to use Things, they are not progressing to my liking, how can I get an export into Evernote?

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How can I move from Things to Evernote?  Is there an AppleScript, an IFTTT, something to ease the process of years of Things, not to mention all the completed items I would like to keep and maintain.

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IFTTT (IF) is used to trigger individual items/ actions. I don't know that they specialize in batching your workflow.


Even if it were possible to export all of your completed or pending items to Evernote, you've got to ask yourself how you're going to want to archive them there. 


Quick question... have you got a plan for task management in Evernote... how you'd like to set it up? For example, did you watch some videos on TSW (The Secret Weapon) or something similar? You might have something in mind... but if not, I might add that Evernote is not initially as intuitive as other to-do apps are. You'll need to know your possibilities before you actually make the move. Pop a few tasks in and tinker a bit. That may come in the form of a tagging system/ Reminders/ checkbox lists in-note/ Evernote 3rd-party apps like Gneo, Swipes Kanbanote, etc. 


Depending on your task-management setup in Evernote... you can then look at importing from other apps, whether manually or automated. 

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